Friday, September 19, 2008

34 weeks

It occurred to me that I haven't done a whole lot of "baby" posting on the blog.  That is kind of sad, especially since we are towards the end here... but, I thought I would at least try!!  (Poor baby #4!)  Anyway, I debated not going to my 34 week appointment, and those of you who know me well are laughing, I am sure.  It's not that I don't like going, but once you get into going every two weeks, or one week, it is hard because life with the three other children must still go on!  And, between Noah's surgery (which was this week) and driving down to L.A. (gas is still expensive, even though it is under $4/gallon!), and homeschool, and laundry and dishes and groceries... sometimes it is hard to make the time to drive down to Ventura for the appointment.  But my DH (evidently in blogging world, this stands for Dear Husband, and I am now trying to be cool by using it) made a good point.  These appointments aren't just for me, but also for my doctor to get to know me and to be able to notice changes or things that might mean something more than I think.  So, I did go and I am glad that I did.  I got my grocery shopping done as well, so I actually accomplished quite a bit.  Anyway, no big news to report, except that Baby Knight is doing well, and his heartbeat is REALLY strong.  Two weeks ago, I was applauded for only gaining 1 pound in a month!!  (Ben attributed this to my bike riding) Well, here it is two weeks later, and let's just say that I made up for it by gaining about 5 pounds in two weeks.  Go figure.  =)  Anyway, I am supposed to pre-register at the hospital sometime soon, and then at my next appointment (36 weeks) she will start checking me to see where I am and to get a better idea of the baby's position.  I am excited to meet this sweet one, and yet this week brought the panic that I always feel at some point, "Am I ready?"  And of course, "I'm not sure I am doing a good job with the ones I have, should I really be allowed to have another one??"  And oh yes, "If I am already getting up five times in the night with the various other children, how in the world will I be able to take care of a newborn all night as well???"  God is gracious.  He calms me, and reminds me that He is in control, and Baby Knight is going to come at just the right time.  And when he does, His grace will be sufficient to meet the needs of these ones He has given us.  Until then, we wait.  Well, we wait and do laundry and dishes, and cook, and clean, and do schoolwork, and ride bikes.... =)


sarahgrace said...

From what I've read so far- it sounds like you are doing a great job with your kiddos and they are blessed to have you, so don't worry about that one! I'm sure everything will work itself out and things will be okay.

Glad Noah's surgery went well, and hope he is recovering nicely.

Hang in there! Can't wait to "meet" the new little one!

ATSmith said...

Yeah ... when do those good nights of sleep come? I certainly don't have any newborns in my house but I feel like sometimes I am up just as much too ...
Glad DH gently guided you to going to your doctor's appointment : )

frisky said...

Yeah for Ben talking you into going! That's SO important, even if he is the 4th baby!
You'll get through everything just fine once the baby arrives, something kicks in and your body and mind get into the "Just Do It" mode. Auto-pilot, I suppose.