Thursday, September 06, 2007

Heat Wave, and Other Fun

So, what do you do without air conditioning of any kind when it is 110 degrees??? Well, this is what we did to help everyone get some sleep:

We pitched two tents in the for the kids, and one for Ben and I. (Noah has a window air conditioner in his room, so we let him stay in his crib.) Anyway, it helped us to get some sleep and it was very exciting too.

So, we've been talking to the kids about how we will probably be moving again soon (more to come on this subject). So, as we put the kids to bed the other night in their tent, Caleb asked, "Mommy, is this our new house?"

Emma was coloring a page, paying close attention to staying in the lines, etc. She looks at me and says, "Genius!" (speaking of herself). Now, I am sure she's heard my mom and I say that of her, but I asked her if she knew what that word meant. She replied, "It means I can color GOOD!"


Anonymous said...

It's been hot here in Covina as well. And we've been fighting colds. So, we put Corbin in our room with the window AC and the humidifier on and slept as one big happy family (sort of, until Corbin woke up daddy last night).

Christine H. said...

I'm going to blog about the heat, too. I am glad the worst is over!

ATSmith said...

We almost melted during the heat wave. I sighed some major relief the other morning when I felt the cool breeze coming through the house and it was just 9 a.m. Glad you guys got creative : )

rebecca said...

Hey, there you are! I don't feel so out of touch without the internet when I get news on the phone of tent-sleeping and such. Thanks for keeping me up. :)