Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The "Dora" Game

Kids love Dora. The other morning, Emma was wanting to watch Dora. I asked her why she liked watching it so much, and she said, "It's just fun!" I asked her, "What is fun about sitting and staring at a box?" She thought that was funny, but anyway, I decided that instead of watching Dora, we would play the Dora game. They were intrigued. We do have a Dora matching game, and a Dora version of Candyland. But no, this was going to be even better.
So, I took a toy and hid it.
Then, I drew a map!
Then, we repeated the three places that we needed to go to find the treasure.
Then, they went to the three places and ended up finding the hidden toy. Needless to say, I think they like this game even better than watching the little box. However, I think I will have to get more creative and better at drawing maps in order to make it more interesting. And of course, I never really watched "Diego", but I think Caleb is a little tired of being "Boots" for Emma, so I think we will have to make up an animal rescue game too. I'm open for suggestions!


Christine H. said...

AWESOME! You are a wonderful mom and your kids will be so blessed by the time & effort you give to them!

Jeff Frazeee did a safari with the boys where he partially hid stuffed animals and they made binoculars out of two toilet paper rolls and then put on hats and went looking for the animals. Just an idea. I think Caleb & Emma would love that!

ATSmith said...

Did you see my map hanging in the kitchen? Hahaha ... my "map" needs some serious artistry help -- oh well, Sage got the point. The only other thing I did was draw a shape on the map and then colored the same shape on a sticky note and put it at each location that we had to go to on the map so that they had to collect the sticky notes and recognize the shapes, etc. The "treasure" of sparkly lip gloss ($1 at target) was also a hit -- probably not for Caleb though, huh? Hey, I forgot to give you Little Einsteins today ... I burned a CD for you and everything and then forgot! I'll keep it in my bag for next week.

hestermom said...

Amber, you are amazing. Seriously. Oooh, ooh...we should do that for a park date...Make up a treasure hunt, with a map and everything!! We could even use a digital camera and take pictures at the park to use on the map. The kids would love it!!!

ATSmith said...

Oh yes, that would be so much fun!! They would remember it forever, for sure.

frisky said...

Since Caleb always has to be Boots, then Emma should be Baby Jaguar.

Rebecca said...

The girls do that with each other! I never thought of making it a game for everybody. And outdoors? With photos?? Good thinking!