Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Emma saw a boy outside trying to do an "olly" on his skateboard. She asked my mom about it, who explained that the boy was having trouble landing on the board. Emma replied, "oh well, some days are like that."
She is working on phonics, and beginning to sound out basic words (yeah for Hop on Pop). She loves to practice her ballet, and read the book I got from the library about Ballet Class...little did I know I would butcher the French language while reading it to her (who knows what develope a la seconde and portes de bras is??)

Caleb told Ben yesterday, "I don't want you to go to work...I want you to stay here because I love you." Caleb still loves to play cars all day, but also enjoys coloring and is recognizing many of his letters (his favorite is H).

Noah is generally only getting up once during the night, which is great. He has a little cough right now, but he smiles alot, and has giggled a couple of times for daddy only.

Ben has been working for Daley Landscape right now, and was supposed to start working for his dad's drilling company next week, but I think that's been postponed. He is still looking for a more permanent position, and there's a couple of things he really hopes will work out. We still have the house in Crestline, and recently turned it over to a property management company to try and get it rented out. In the meantime, we are still living at my parent's house while trying to keep up with the mortgage payments on the Crestline house. I think that's about it for now...we appreciate your love and prayers.


ATSmith said...

Hahaha about the comments thing. I just figured you wanted to check and make sure nothing wierd got posted on the blog. : )

Rebecca said...

I'm glad you guys have some income coming in now. We'll keep praying about that.

P.S. Our rental house that we live in is managed by Coldwell Banker, and our agent Sadie is so sweet and on the ball. I feel like she's a friend of ours, and she saves the owners so much trouble. She takes care of everything, including making the handyman come out on time.