Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Yesterday Caleb was having fun at the Santa Barbara skate park. It is a special treat because we don't always get up that way.  I had to race home to get Emma to dance, and just as I arrived home I got a phone call from Ben. He said that Caleb had fallen and caught himself on his arm, but he most likely needed to go to the ER. We met at home and took Caleb over.  

He has a fracture in the wrist, and although the elbow looked a little funny, they think it looks okay. Evidently the treatment wouldn't have been much different if the elbow were involved so they just treated it as if it were.
Caleb has a fiberglass cast for now, which is very helpful because he can take it off to shower and such, as long as he is disciplined to not do much with it.

We will see the doctor at the end of the week and they will decide what happens from here.  Out of seven children, this is our first fracture. That's probably a miracle in itself. :-)

Oh Lord. Thank you for protecting Caleb from anything more serious. Thank you for great medical care.  And thank you for this boy who smiles, even though it isn't exactly how you want the last few weeks of summer to go.

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