Sunday, June 05, 2016

Early morning check in....

Well. Let's just say that the delays didn't stop where I left off. :-)
The flight was all over the place due to the weather conditions in New York. But it is 1:30am, and we are checked in, the beds are made, and we are hoping for some sleep. At least one of us is. :) 

I'll be honest. Today was long and hard. Elijah had a difficult time on the plane, and I wasn't able to stand up much due to turbulence. That just means a lot of crying, screaming, and stares from various people surrounding me.

But, let me just practice thankfulness, because there are so many reasons to be thankful.  Here are a few:
1. By God's complete kindness, another family that I know from CA was traveling to NY on the same flight! This is a sweet little boy that our family prays for so often, and so it was so precious to see them and to not feel so *alone*.
2. Ben told me he would pray for an empty seat next to me. Which NEVER happens. But today it did. :)
3.  I had the most amazing companion in my row.  Her name is Lisa, and she has fought her own battle with cancer. Not only was she so gracious and friendly with Elijah despite his *loud protests*, but we had a truly delightful conversation, and I just felt....again, less *alone* in the journey.
4. Since I was flying to a new airport, and was getting in so late (or shall I say early), it worked out perfectly for me to share a ride with my friends who were headed to the same place anyway! 
5.  The amazing Ronald McDonald House in New York.  It feels more and more like family every time.  I had called to let them know I would be checking in super late, and requested that a crib be in the room so I could get Elijah to bed quickly.  Not only was the crib waiting for us, but we were greeted with smiles, familiar faces, and such excitement. 

And as I lay my head down tonight, I am thankful that God never wastes the difficult moments in our lives. He uses them to strengthen us and build character up in us. So we pray that when the morning greets us, that we will find ourselves stronger after having made it through today.  Goodnight!

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had...
Romans 15:5

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