Friday, October 09, 2015

From Coast to Coast...

Wednesday night I was dazzled by the beautiful city lights as I walked with some wonderful friends through New York.

Elijah and I made our way back to California. The second flight was rough-Elijah was in loud protest for the last half hour or so. Our plane arrived early and Ben got stuck in traffic....

But once we got on the road I couldn't stop taking pictures of the beautiful sunset that our God painted across the sky in Malibu:

There is so much much that reflects the goodness and creativity of our God.  

I am amazed by the beauty I have seen in the people we have met along this journey.

So to the amazing people I was honored to spend time with in New York (and those I missed on this trip).... Those who have given of their time, their talents, their kindness, their smiles....who have loved on Elijah and I, eaten with us, and shared smiles and stories....thank you.

To those who have sat next to a momma and her precious boy who wasn't always quiet but has really been through a lot, and have patiently endured load protests as well as squeals of delight...thank you.

To those who have faithfully walked with us and prayed for us-who have given, have encouraged, and have waited for updates on this side of the country (and everywhere in between)....thank you.

It is the beauty of those who bear God's image through loving and supporting and caring for our family in countless is this kindness that truly staggers me from coast to coast.  My heart is so full of love, and truly thankful for each of you that I consider gifts from above. 

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