Friday, August 07, 2015

Take a deep breath....

Sometimes I underestimate the power of sleep. Each day has been pushing it to the limits of the night, and then getting up early to push on ahead.

Our kids LOVE a restaurant we discovered on the first trip out: Breakfast at Tiffany's in Sharpsville, Pennsylvania. Not only is the staff so kind and welcoming, but the food is amazing!!! So, we rerouted our trip just a little so we could visit.

We decided to stay nearby in Pennsylvania and ended up with th coolest set-up! We have adjoining rooms and the biggest bath tub I've ever seen. We got here after normal the kids went swimming, then we watched a little Food Network, and then we did some reading. (We have an amazing read-aloud right now, which I'll share more about later). We didn't get into bed until midnight!! I was dreading  getting up and getting on the road. I was sooooo tired. We had called to see about getting our stay extended, but the room was booked.
Ben took the big kids down for the hot breakfast at the hotel, and I stayed and gave Ev another bath and played with Elijah.  He checked one last time and found that they would let us stay another night!! Yay!!!!!!
We were able to relax a little, do some laundry, and go swimming. Ben and I even got in a workout. It was much needed down time. I wish it could last a little longer, but we do need to get home. :)
We are so thankful for a night to just take a deep breath before getting back on the road.
Pennsylvania is beautiful!
The huge tub!
A good workout.
Swim buddies!
The chocolate chip pancake so big, you cut it with a pizza cutter....caramel apple crisp French toast....maple glazed and bacon French toast....

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