Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Ambree's Post....

A few years ago, this beautiful, shy, amazing young woman came into our lives. The Lord clearly identified her to me as someone who would be very special in our lives....and she is!!! Since that time, Ambree Shea has become more and more a part of our family. We have had many adventures, many awkward family moments, and lots of family reading time. :)
There really aren't words to express how dear she is to us. But these past few months....well. Let's just say that the Lord knew we needed her. Through Elijah's birth, to investing in Ben and my marriage through date nights, and of course....through Elijah's appointments and treatment at CHLA. Ambree, you have served our family in ways that I can barely express gratitude for except to say: thank you. From the depths of my heart...thank you. I love you so deeply and I am so honored to have you as part of our life. Happy 18th birthday to a fine young woman. You are a gift from above and I cannot wait to see how you change the world and shape God's Kingdom. I love you.

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