Saturday, October 26, 2013

Noah Benjamin

Noah Benjamin,
     Happy birthday, seven year old!! You are such a treasure.  This is a picture of you "fishing" in the pond (in Palm Springs) with some grass. :-) 
    This was a big year for you! You learned to ride a bike, and have been so brave at BMX. You also learned to swim really, really well. You are an excellent reader, and you really enjoy science.  You still love to dress up. In general, you are just a really sweet and good natured little boy, with a super fun goofy side. 
    Unfortunately, I have a cold, as well as you and two of your siblings. So, for your birthday we stayed home and took it easy. You got to watch episode 4 (I think?) of Star Wars with big brother and sister, while the little guys did something else. We had the traditional donuts for breakfast. Anyhow. You are such a blessing to our family. It is more fun and more silly because you are part of it.
I love you Noah.

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