Monday, March 18, 2013

Two years old!!!

Dear Judah Sean,
You fill our life with so much joy. You are big and burly. You feel emotion quite strongly and make it known. You are learning words everyday, and I love to hear the new things you will say. You are precious and fill our hearts with gladness!!! Your name means "praise God, who is gracious"....and I think that almost everyday since you were born, the kids have given praise to God for you. Soon, you will be the big brother. Even though you are so big and tough, I think you will be kind and gentle with your are pretty good with Emma's American Girl doll, Kit. ;-)
Judah, we love you so much. Today, like everyday, we are praising our God, who was gracious enough to entrust us with you. Every morning when we bring out our devotional book you say, "God, God!!!" You fold your fingers and say, "Thank you Jesus." You love trying to keep up with the big kids. We pray that you will know this mighty and gracious God....and that your life and your heart would be full of praise to Him!
We love you!
Mommy and Daddy

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