Saturday, September 22, 2012


This picture of Caleb is from when the kids got to go to Apple Camp. Which totally reminds me that I need to post about that, especially post the movies they made!
But for today, that is besides the point. Caleb doesn't have an iPhone or iPad- as far as I know, has never texted or anything. But on Fridays, we do math on the iPad. It's a fun way to practice math facts and take a break from the more intensive work they do during the week.
Anyway, we had just gotten home from a friend's house, and Caleb asked if he could have his turn on the iPad. He went in and pretty much zoned out in the cyber world of Marble Math. We ended up talking and chatting with the neighbors out front, and then went over to their house so the kids could play with toys while we were talking. It suddenly occurred to me that Caleb was alone at our house...but I was too *lazy* to go and get him. I had a thought....
I texted the iPad and said:
Caleb! We're next door at the neighbor's. STOP playing the iPad. Come over.
Imagine my shock, within seconds when I received the reply:
And then, there he was. I laughed for days and hugged him in repeated shock. I couldn't believe it! When I asked him about it....he so casually said, "Well, I just clicked on the text message, and then there was a place to type my reply, so I did. Then I hit "send".
Wow. The fact that they have been having to type a paragraph or two every week on the computer is definitely working in my favor! But it just reminds me of how quickly they are growing up. Technology can definitely be an advantage at times. ;-)

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sarahgrace said...

I did not know you could text your iPad... I am going to have to try that.

And I am always amazed at how quickly the kids pick up how to use technological devices...