Thursday, September 20, 2012

Homeschool Night

Ben and I were just laughing the other day at God's perfect timing. We chose to do anatomy and physiology for science this year, not yet knowing that even as we learn all about our bodies and how God has made them...he is forming and weaving together our little
one. :-)
Anyhow! Ben really enjoys last night he took over and read their science to the kids-(only the big 3 were required to listen, but it is just so compelling to be at the table when Daddy and the 3 big ones are there!!)
We were reading all about bones. Some of the favorite facts we learned-bones make blood, our bones are stronger pound-for-pound than steel, and yet still flexible enough to resist some injuries.
We did an experiment showing God's creative genius in giving us both a skull and a layer of fluid to protect our brains. And, we got to play with the microscope!
And to top it all off, we read "Leif the Lucky" before going to bed!
It is such a blessing that Ben enjoys hopping in and helping us finish up what we weren't able to accomplish during days where I am just not able. All in all, it was a super fun night!! :-)

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