Friday, April 27, 2012

Speed math

My dear, sweet Noah....those who know him will frequently comment that he lives in his own world. Doing his math work is like torture-and not for him! He is very easily what he could easily do in 10 minutes takes him well over an hour because it is just. so. hard. to. focus.....
Well, we have found a way to cut our math time down to a non-tortuous amount for mom. :-)
He completes one question, then takes one turn at a game. I take my turn, and then we move on to the next math question. Man, this kid gets through his math in about 10 or 15 minutes! And we enjoy a little game on the side! Last time was Connect Four, today was Husker-Do....I wonder what game we will play next!

1 comment:

Basia S said...

;D great idea, my aunt has the same problem with my cousins, she should try it too ;33