Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I am passionate about sharing what large abundance we have with people who have little. I am passionate about every tongue, and tribe and nation hearing of God’s fame and giving Him the worship He is due (in fact, I can barely keep the tears back when I say that phrase, “every tongue, and tribe, and nation”). I am passionate about cultivating an excellent soul...that is, I am passionate about reading God’s Word, reading wonderful books, entering into and breathing in the beauty of God's creation, so that our souls will be full of His light, and we can exhale some of His beauty as we speak and interact with others. I am passionate about studying God’s Word. I find myself so fulfilled, and in awe of the privilege of being a mom, when I am sitting and studying God’s Word with my children. I am passionate about speaking life into these dear little ones....whispering that God has an important part for them to play in His grand story. I am passionate about ordering a home according to the principles of God’s Word. And while I would not be so bold as to tell a woman that she needs to be at home with her children (since every situation is so different), I weep with those moms who wish that they were but can’t be. I am passionate about marriages that don’t just get by and function well, but are a reflection of the intimacy God designed for this special relationship. I am honored and blessed to have my very best friend in the whole world for my spouse. He has challenged me more than any other human up to this point... but he has also loved me deeper and more steadfastly than any other human up to this point (all while knowing me the most intimately!!).
But...for the purposes of (this specific ministry). The two things that I am most passionate about are discipleship, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. By discipleship, I mean... making disciples who will make disciples. A legacy for Jesus Christ. Seeking for Him as for hidden treasure. I absolutely love taking the hand of a dear sister in Christ, and placing her hand in Christ’s as she seeks Him in the midst of troubles. I do not know much, because I am young and I myself was not taught. But, what I have been taught has been sweetly taught from the Lord and His Word, and so it is there that I place my hope and affection. I am passionate about other women finding the depths and riches and beauty that is found only in Christ.
And by the gospel of Jesus Christ, I mean that it is all different-every aspect of life is changed when we apply the gospel to it. Our response to sin, our desires, the way we work, the way we love.... all of it is changed forever. Sometimes it is so difficult for us to see the way the gospel changes things... but that is my passion, to help search and find how the gospel changes it all.
But oddly enough... the two things that I find women asking me about the most frequently are: mothering/homeschooling and food/recipes. Go figure. :-P

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