Monday, June 13, 2011

Almost 3 months...

Judah is growing so quickly. He is getting to be a big boy!!! So, I thought it only fitting to go back a bit, and look at all the kids around this age:
Emma Faith Hester

Caleb Paul Hester

Noah Benjamin Hester

Ezra Lucas Knight Hester

Judah Sean Hester

It's kind of a fun when you have a big family-every time I look at Judah I see a little bit of everyone else. He is well loved!! He's about 15 pounds and I can't remember how long, but this kid is big. He is so much fun, and when he smiles at me, I can barely concentrate on anything else at all.


Rachael said...

Awww hes cute :) xx

Tonya said...

yup they are from the same gene pool :) Super cute pictures of all the kidlets!