Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Old Friend...

Have you heard the saying "books are friends"? Well, in the past few days of feeling yucky, I revisited two of my most dear friends. These two books have, aside from God's Word, had the deepest and most far-reaching impact of any other books. And I love to read.
The first is (I apologize, I don't know how to underline on here??) "Hinds' Feet on High Places", and the second is its sequel, "Mountains of Spices", both by Hannah Hurnard.
These beautiful allegorical books detail the journey of Much-Afraid, as she follows her Shepherd on a journey to the High Places, and is transformed. The second is her journey back into the Valley of Humiliation, from where she came. I don't know what it is... Yes, I have read Pilgrim's Progress, and even the children's version with the kids. But, the thing that struck me the most, even this time around all over again, is the beauty of the relationship between the Shepherd and His followers. The reminder that it is not even His promises, as wonderful as they are, that I really want at the very core of me... it is Him.

So, many tears over the past couple of days, but I will leave you with just one of my favorite quotes which are so dear to my heart:
"My Lord--if you can deceive me, you may. It can make no difference. I must love you as long as I continue to exist. I cannot live without loving you."


Anonymous said...

Definitely my NEW favorite quote! Thank You Lisa for sharing, I always learn from you. Love you, Connie

sarahgrace said...

Hello! Wow... I have been absent from the blogging world for a little while and so much is happening! Congrats on number 5! That is so exciting!

I've really enjoyed catching up and reading your posts and thinking, yeah, I know what you mean. We've lost people this summer and watched friends go through hard times... etc. etc. I'm with ya.
And also with the parenting... and learning and growing (although we are not growing an extra Decker... I think.)

So wish we lived closer to you guys!