Wednesday, June 03, 2009

When Daddy is Away...

Well, we made it. We all got in the car, (and fortunately Grandma was able to come with us!!), and we drove down to LAX. The kids saw many planes, although not nearly as closely as they would have liked. We dropped Daddy off at his terminal area, and I could already see the big tears forming in Emma's eyes. She was just so sad that Daddy was leaving, telling him, "I don't want you to go, I want you to stay..." But, even through her tears she kissed Daddy, and we watched him go inside to wait (for a long time!!) for his flight. We got onto the wrong road, which turned out to be a major blessing, because a potty stop was needed RIGHT AWAY!! So, Grandma stayed with Ezra while I took the other three potty. Then, all the kids were STILL HUNGRY!!, so we were able to grab smoothies at a Robek's. Which, I must say, made for a "SMOOTHER" ride home. =)

Everyone is in bed, and the only consolation I had for the kids for Daddy being away (other than my big speech on how we should be so happy and excited for Daddy, which seems to have taken a bit with Caleb but not so much with Emma) is ICE CREAM. So, we are to have a big ice cream party. It just so happens that Emma will finish her "Trophy" book either tomorrow or Friday, which will lend itself nicely to an ice cream party anyway. We also have some wonderful friends who have been mindful of us being without Daddy, and have invited us to swim and play. I am so thankful. There was a part of both Ben and I that wished I could be with him at his conference, but all today, I have had a great feeling of peace, knowing that I am here with the kids, and I think this is the right place for me. We will miss Daddy so much, and yet God is abundantly gracious to bring those around us to love on us and make the time when Daddy is away go by just a little bit quicker. Oh, and Skype will hopefully help too!!

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