Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Advance '09

The conference Ben is attending in Durham, North Carolina is called Advance '09, "a conference about the power of God's gift to His people-the church.
I imagine he is pretty tired, since he just finished a night shift, and probably only slept a couple of hours.
He is flying all night tonight, then at the conference Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. He is flying home Saturday (to avoid another night at the hotel). We will pick him up late Saturday.
Please pray with us, that he will have a safe trip, and that God will continue the work He has begun in his heart, that he will be challenged, comforted, encouraged, and have a renewed vision and perspective.


Rebecca said...

Does that mean you guys won that ticket then?

hestermom said...

No... the winner told everyone who voted for him that if they each gave $1, there would be enough money to purchase tickets for the four finalists. So they did!! The four guys are supposed to be sitting close to each other, so they are hoping to meet up. =)