Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Okay, I will have to explain more in a later post, but please click on this link and vote for Lisa H. (that's me) to win the free ticket for Advance '09.  It is a conference in North Carolina about the Resurgence of the Local Church.  We would really like for Ben to go, and I entered a contest to win a free ticket, and I am one of four finalists.  Click the link and vote!!  
P.S.  If you read the stories and decide to vote for someone else, I will not be mad at you in the slightest!! =)


Tonya said...

I voted but you are really far behind. I hope people come through for you!

Anonymous said...

I voted for Ben, too, and I was just going in to vote for him again and apparently he lost. I'm sorry.
Heather T