Wednesday, April 15, 2009

He Is Risen!

He is risen indeed!!

There is just something amazing about getting up REALLY early on the Sunday morning that we celebrate the resurrection. Despite being up way too late the night before, Ezra did his part and made sure we got up at 5:30am!! Just enough time to feed him, get everyone in cozy clothes, get hot chocolate, and head to Lake Casitas for the Sunrise Service. It was breathtaking!! And, we even got in a little playground time while we were there.
That's MY hot chocolate!!
Yes, I really was there, and made a cameo appearance in ONE photo!!
After the sunrise service, we had breakfast and read a story and remembered the resurrection story with Resurrection Eggs. Then, we headed to our church, where I missed most of the sermon since Noah hit his head (and then I bumped his head AGAIN as I carried him out of the church). It was still great to be there with our church family. And then, off to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a yummy Easter lunch with the cousins, and some of the "cross cake." It is sad to remember the pain and suffering of our Lord Jesus (hence, the cross), but it is a "Fun-fetti" cake because it is just bursting with the hope of resurrection and the salvation that Jesus accomplished!!!


Courtney said...

I love the cake and the symbolism (Fun-fetti on a cross)! Did you have a cross shape pan to make it in?

sarahgrace said...

Oh! Up to a lake for a sunrise service! That sounds sooo cool!

hestermom said...

Yes, we have a cross-shaped cake pan!

frisky said...

I love Sunrise services... I bet my parents would keel over if they heard me say that! I wasn't a fan when I was a teenager! I blame body chemistry, I didn't like to get up early back then.
It was good to see you and your family there.