Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Santa Barbara Zoo

We had a fun family trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo.  I really enjoyed the zoom on my camera, and I brought my old camera for the kids to take pictures with, which Emma especially enjoyed.  I haven't had a chance to download the pictures that the kids took, but here are some of mine:

And the kid's favorite, which sends us all into hysterical laughter:


Christine H. said...

It must be a pre-requisite to living in Southern Cal. to take a picture in that egg shell at the zoo. I wonder how many scrapbooks have a picture of that egg shell.

sarahgrace said...

Aaaah, the zoo. I have been wanting to take my kids to the zoo for so long. Love the last picture too, that would totally 'crack' my kids up too! Hee hee ;)