Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Psycho Sally...

Okay, I usually blog about the kids, or our life in general.  Today, you get to read about just one of the crazy things about me.  Now, my birthday was in October too (we have a LOT of October birthdays in our family!).  So, my MIL (that's blog speak for Mother-in-Law), got me these really cool bamboo pants for my birthday.  They are super soft, and black, and I don't know how it happened that I no longer had any black workout pants (I used to be a personal trainer, an aerobic instructor, and I worked at a gym!!).  But I really needed these pants, not to mention they are AWESOME.  So, I was so excited about this gift.  Here's where it gets a bit personal.  They were a size Medium.  I tried them on that night, and although they were snug, I could get them on, and they looked moderately decent.  Fast forward about a week or so, and Ben asks me why I haven't worn my new pants.  Well, I wasn't sure if I should keep the medium or exchange for a large.  But, I decided to keep the medium, since I can actually wear them right now, and the hope is that I am not going to get larger, but that I will lose at least some of the pregnancy weight and they will fit me better and better.  Another couple of days goes by and Ben still hasn't seen me wearing the pants.  Then I tell him.  I am afraid to wear them because they're nice and I don't want to get them dirty.  He laughs and reminds me that they aren't doing anyone any good just sitting in a drawer.  So, the other morning, I triumphed over the Psycho Sally in me, even if it was just for one day.  We went for a walk.  I called Ben to tell him.  I wore my new pants.  They are awesome.

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