Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Country Fair...

I have been amazed at how quickly all of you have gotten up your Halloween pictures.  I like to lag.  =)  So, we had a very nice time at the Country Fair at our church.  The kids brought home way more candy than they'll ever actually get to eat, (although I am pretty sure I have seen Daddy sneak some here and there!), they enjoyed the bounce house, and I didn't get many pictures because I had to feed Ezra when we got there, and then I was trying to watch in two different directions all night.  But, it was a great time for the kids.  My mom had bought a big bag of candy for us to pass out (our neighborhood is very popular for trick-or-treating).  I didn't think there was any way we would be able to get rid of that candy!!  But, between the trick-or-treaters who came while I was getting everyone ready, and the ones that came in the fifteen minutes after we got home from the church... all that candy was gone.  Seriously, the streets are lined with cars, people who dropped off their kids and are waiting to pick them back up at 8pm.  There was a ton of kids.  But, everyone is safe, the kids had a good time, and here's to another year of my least favorite holiday gone by. =)
Caleb is a Knight (big surprise!), Emma is Belle (although with a veil on her head, so maybe she's Belle getting married??) and Noah is what I call Super-Baby.  Basically, we didn't have any money to invest into this holiday, so they all wore something that they already had.  

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Courtney said...

I hear ya! I can't seem to rationalize spending money on something they may only wear once and for only an hour or two. We just raided our dress-up box. In fact, Ciana's outfit was a hand-me-down from another friend and Aaralyn's was from her ballet recital. We didn't even check to make sure we had something for Emerie that would fit, but thankfully we did! Your kids looked great and I'm sure all they cared about was getting dressed up and having fun :)