Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Long Time...and oh yes, Frozen Peas

Well, sometimes life gets so crazy that you don't really have time to stop and say much about it. Or sometimes, life gets so heavy that you just don't have any words to describe it. I am not really sure what category I fall under anyway, but I haven't had many words, or the time to use them if I did.
Needless to say, I do feel like the Lord is at work, in our life, and in my own heart...gently convicting, bringing to mind a few things that He is changing my perspective on. But, I am not exactly sure what it will mean, or where it will take me. So I am just quietly waiting, to see what it is that God is up to.

The only news I really have to report is that Noah's doctor thinks he will be at least 6 foot 2 inches. So yeah, that's just crazy, but we do have my brother (who is 6'5") and Ben's brother (I think 6'2"), so we definitely have some height in the genes.

So, about the Frozen Peas...
I had forgotten that a good friend of mine had told me when Emma was young and teething, and already eating many table foods, about Frozen Peas. She used the petite ones. Anyway, Emma had loved them! And of course, that had carried on with Caleb. Somehow, I had forgotten about them, until my friend again reminded me for Noah. (Side note: Noah really doesn't eat any baby food, except that which I make like mashed potatoes. He just wants table food...) So tonight for dinner, we were having fish, and I realized that somehow I had forgotten to make the salad to go with it. Ben had already left for work, so I really didn't want to make a big salad, even one head of romaine lettuce worth, for just me and the kids. So, I got some organic frozen peas out for Noah to munch on while I tried to figure out what to serve the kids with the fish. They were so excited about Peas, begging me for them, and yup! They wanted them frozen!! I was so thankful in my heart, because they got a vegetable, it required very little work from me, and everyone was happy. Phew...I needed that. I am tired tonight. Thank you God, for frozen peas.


Christine H. said...

When Amber was teething, my chiropractor told me to give her frozen mini bagels to gnaw on. She loved them, and to this day, she still wants her mini bagels right out of the frezer!

lnstryker said...

We do frozen peas, green bean, and for Quinn, frozen corn (yuck). The only time I cook veggies is when the whole family is eating at the same time or if we are having broccoli