Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Good intentions, Banana Bread, and Vacation Bible School

Well, Ben had his first week off last week. I had had a couple of people suggest that during some point of his seven days off, I might start wanting him to go back to work!! Yeah, they were wrong. In fact, I kept thinking how fast the time was flying. He did get to go fishing and surfing (yes, surfing on his bad knee.) So, I think he really enjoyed the time off. But he is back to working his nights, trying to sleep during the day.
This week is Vacation Bible School, and I am teaching Caleb's class, which technically is not a class, so much as childcare provided for workers of VBS. However, if any of you know me, you know that it is not often that I "babysit", so much as have structure, routine, and guided activities. So, yeah...we are having a pretty good time, and the kids are doing very well. But it does make for a very busy week. In fact, I have already contemplated several times staying home a day, because Little Miss has already shown some wear from doing so much. I think that, like mommy, she is an introvert. So all those people all the time sort of wear her out. I have noticed her attitude struggling a bit, so we will see if we make it all week. She does enjoy the music most of all.
So anyway, Jonah (my best friend's little boy) has been a guest of ours this week. Now Becky, (his mommy, my best friend) told me that Jonah does not take naps. Well, I put Noah down in our room, Caleb on the floor in Noah's room (because I am not sure I trust Caleb to stay out of trouble in our room), and Emma and Jonah in Emma and Caleb's room. The first day they had some quiet play time, and all was well. Yesterday, Emma was getting a little restless, so I asked her to come and lay on the floor of the living room where I was...When I went to check on Jonah, he was fast asleep. So, Emma and I made some banana bread while the boys slept. There were two loaves, so I figured I could send one home with Jonah. It made a very nice snack for the kids when the woke up, and then Ben took some to work...well, needless to say, the banana bread didn't make it home with Jonah. Two loaves, almost all gone now. But, yeah, my intentions were good, just not good enough to overcome my urge for just one more piece....=) Maybe next time.


Christine H. said...

Yummy! Makes me want to bake some.
Wow! You are Wonder Woman, or Super Mom, or just plain crazy to take on all of that the same week.
I hope you can come with us to LNO next week. I miss you!

hestermom said...

I am pretty sure that crazy would be the best fit out of those choices. However, God has been so gracious to us and has taken great care to supply us with all we needed. I hope so too ( about next week)

Tonya said...

I have to agree that banana bread sounds really good right now! We have VBS coming up at our church in two weeks and I have decided now was the time to potty train the baby. What was I thinking????

ATSmith said...

I could surely eat an entire loaf of banana bread by myself ... I just leave the loaf out and every time I go into the kitchen (about every 10 minutes or so) then I cut off another little slice : )

rebecca said...

Mine are all still insane from last week. Sometimes I think I'd rather just do nothing if it means keeping the peace. But they had so much fun!