Thursday, June 07, 2007

Yummy Lunch Wrap

yummy...and suprisingly filling!

1 large tortilla (any kind, they make whole wheat, sundried tomato, etc.)
Cream Cheese (light if you want, I used the Whipped kind)
Thinly sliced cucumber (placed all over tortilla in a single layer)
One (or two) slice swiss cheese
Three pieces black forest ham (Or turkey, whatever you like)
Two pieces of Green leaf lettuce

Roll up and enjoy!! So good, I sent one to work with Ben today for lunch. And was tempted to eat it. At 6 am. =)


Tonya said...

that does sound so yummy. Too bad we need to get groceries and don't have all the ingredients :(

Rebecca said...

I LOVE those things. Thanks for the recipe!!

mandrews said...

I have one of those almost every day at work! Their Tasty!! The cream cheese definitely does the trick!

ATSmith said...

Yummy! Thanks for the great recipe. It will be great with summer around the corner : )

Christine H. said...

I love wraps. I was way into them a few years ago. My fave was the Hawaiian wrap. Mix crushed pineapple into cream cheese. Spread on the tortilla. Top with ham and romaine lettuce and whatever veggie you like. Roll up and slice and eat. YUMMY!

Speaking of yummy...the food tonight was delicious & the time spent was so much fun. Thanks for your kind hospitality!