Friday, June 01, 2007

Fun Day?

Okay, so I had all kinds of things on my "To-Do" List for yesterday. But somewhere in the midst of organizing my thoughts, I started thinking that it would be fun to do something for the kids, since it was finally not gloomy in the morning. SO, we finished some chores (Emma is getting very good at making her bed) and decided to get ready for the park (Sarazotti, since it's so close). Then I thought, hey, I should pack a lunch, and take our Bible and we can read a story...Anyway, so we FINALLY got going, got up to the park, and started playing. I was on a time schedule since Caleb is wearing underwear and I wanted to make sure that we got home in time for him to go potty, so I was only planning on a couple of hours. Lunch was nice: peanut butter sandwiches, cheese and turkey, pretzels, and grapes. We read about Jacob and Rachel and Leah. Anyway, just as I was getting ready to start packing up our things, I met a really cool lady with kids about Caleb and Noah's age. So, I thought, okay, we'll just stay for a little while longer. The kids were on the playground, and Caleb announces, "I have to go potty." AH! So, the nice lady says she'll watch Noah, while Emma, Caleb, and I RUN to the potty that I dread with much of my being. But we made it, and he went potty, YEAH! After about another half hour or so, we finally began the process of leaving. We started walking home, and I am thinking, "Wow, nap time is going to be SOOO good!!" Yeah, not so much. Noah slept, but that's about it. So, Emma and Caleb kept getting into trouble, and getting more and more grumpy. Finally I let them out, and was going to let them watch a little video so I could get a shower. Then Noah woke up. So at this point, I am thinking, okay, no shower, but what are we doing for dinner? Ben went to work for his dad after he got done at his new job, so he wouldn't be home. My mom calls just at this moment and asks if we want to come up for pizza. I say no, we don't want to impose, etc. She says, just come...and I am thinking, wow, a year and a half in the mountains and all that time, I never had this option. So, yeah, we went up, the kids played outside and rode their scooters, we ate pizza, came home, had baths, and everyone went to bed. All in all, it was a fun day, although I am pretty sure that an offer to leave our house and have dinner taken care of was the ticket to ending the day on a good note. =)


rebecca said...

Well, that worked out nicely, potty and all! ;)

Christine H. said...

It was fun seeing you tonight! I'm looking forward to dinner Thursday! Thanks!