Saturday, April 28, 2007

Garage Sale Steals!!

One of the things I love to do is garage sale. For me, it is like modern-day treasure hunting. Before we moved to Crestline, I found this great coffee table for $3.00. It took a ton of work to refinish it, but we loved it so much in the end, that it was one of the few items that has made the numerous cuts we've had to make during all the moving.
Anyway, last weekend, I saw a bookcase, and it was mostly painted pink. I think they must have gotten tired of the project, because it wasn't finished. But it was wood, so I saw some potential. I was thinking a beautiful, sleek black finish for the living area, to hold books, etc. I haven't gotten to it yet, so it is just sitting on the front porch (oh yeah, for $8.00).
This weekend, Ben and I went and scored again. We found another bookcase, type piece that has doors on it, so I thought that might be even better because I could put kid's toys and/or craft items in it, and close the doors!! I also got a killer mirror, which is framed in lime green wood, but will look like it came from Pottery Barn when I am through with it, I hope. =) I got both items for $23.00.
So this afternoon, I began painting the bookcase type thing with the doors black. It was looking pretty nice...Emma came to admire my work and said, "Oh mommy, it is very pretty. Since this one is black, I think you could clean the one in front, and paint it ALL pink, and then it could be mine."
My goodness, I guess it starts young. Then again, maybe she would enjoy helping me with that project. She's almost four, she can refinish furniture, right???


rebecca said...

I like the way she put it. "You can just clean up that one in front and paint it pink for me. Ta, darling!" :)

ATSmith said...

Never too young to put 'em to work!! hahaha .. if nothing else, she'll have some wonderful memories of working with her mom on projects and will tell stories like, "My mom is so gifted and crafty, like this one time ...."

lnstryker said...

Johanna loves helping with projects like that. I should have told you when we had our garage sale. We still have a bunch of fun stuff in the garage if you want to come look through it before I cart it off. Or you could just come play with me!

hestermom said...

Yes, like I don't have anything else to do but clean up and paint HER I decided on a compromise, if she helps with the work, then it can be her bookcase!!

Hey Lisa, what days are you off work? Obviously, we're in the midst of quite a bit of transition...moving any day now...but I would love to come down...I haven't even been to where you live right now...

P.S. Amber-Emma may remember many things about me, but I am not sure that gifted and crafty will be among them!!! =)

lnstryker said...

days off? well I have most afternoons off (after nap time :-) ) I just got a "promotion" at work and will be working more hours, but I'm not sure what my actual schedule will look like yet. Saturdays are sometimes good.