Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Brooklyn Tabernacle!

Our church is currently re-reading through Jim Cymbala's book Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire.  It is the story of how the Holy Spirit moved mightily through prayer in the congregation of the Brooklyn Tabernacle.  So I thought about how cool it would be to visit! I knew I wouldn't be able to go on a Sunday....but even more special would be to attend their Tuesday prayer meeting!!!!
Well. It didn't quite go as planned....Elijah fell asleep in the stroller on the walk to the subway station.  I had to wake him to put him in the ergo, and then carrier my bag and the stroller down to the platform. Elijah was so mad, he cried the whole way to Brooklyn.  
We made it to the Brooklyn Tabernacle
And discovered that instead of their usual prayer meeting, they were having a play. I was a little bummed, only because Elijah was already so upset, I didn't think I had much chance of him sitting through a play.
The lady at the front was so kind. She started asking questions, and had me fill out a prayer card. She walked Elijah and I (and our prayer card) down to the secret prayer "bed" (I think that is what she called it???  Boy oh boy! Did I walk in on a prayer meeting!!!! The group of men and women surround Elijah and I. They anointed Elijah with oil and went to town praying. I'm pretty sure we got spit on a little bit, but whew! It was amazing!!!!!!  And then they walked us back through the actual sanctuary area and took a picture of us on the stage!
We sat down for a little while, but with an hour and a half before the play even started....I was pretty sure we wouldn't make it.
So, we loaded up and began the trek back. I'm not feeling that great tonight but it sure was an amazing experience and I will go to bed thankful!!!! :-)

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