Thursday, February 26, 2015

One month

Elijah Seth.  Today you are one month old. In your one month of life....
They thought you might have a heart murmur, and you had to have an echo done. Everything was normal!!!! (Praise Jesus!)

Daddy and I celebrated 15 years of marriage....
And many other things (the "week of teeth").....this has been a very eventful month.
But in this month you have turned our whole house upside down with LOVE. We are all over the moon, giddy, absolutely in love with you. Every prayer includes thanking God for you. You are such a special gift to our family.
You are so strong. You love to hold your head up. When you are awake, you are very ALERT. 
Oh Elijah. Truly, you were appointed by God, and we love you!!!!!

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