Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On being an elf....

Man, for some reason this year, Christmas shopping was so difficult!! My poor husband, found most of his ideas met with responses like, "They aren't being responsible with what they have now! I'm not buying them more!!" Or, "They have some of those (Legos!)....They don't need more!!" Or, "That is just way too expensive!!!"
And, he bore with me patiently... We found a few small things to wrap and put under the tree. And then, this morning, four days before Christmas, I found my weakness. I realized I was just shopping at all the wrong places. not only had all the items I was apparently looking for (and more), but will upgrade you to 2nd day air shipping for free. =) {Now they can all open a BOOK too!!} Haha!

But this morning I was reminded that every time I have been pregnant, the enemy tells me the same lie: "You're not doing a good job with what you have, and now you're having another one?"

It reminded me that although my children need to learn to treat their things well and be responsible.... It doesn't mean that I withhold things from them until they are doing things perfectly. Because four (really, five!) times, I have been unsure of whether or not I am REALLY doing a good job, and God has chosen to bless me anyway with these amazing, wonderful treasures.

So, this morning I am rejoicing in the fact that I am just a helper. God knows what they need. And oh! He loves them. And He has reflected His own giving heart in my husband who rejoices in blessing them and seeing their faces light up. This morning, finding some really amazing, exciting, God-honoring literature was what it took for me to see it: the picture of their excited faces, me coming out in the morning for coffee to find them sprawled across various pieces of furniture reading.... and smiling because I know they are reading amazing books. :)

It's fun being an elf.

(PS- I have called myself an "elf" in this post just for fun-I do not in any way compare God to santa, santa does not "come to our house" at Christmas time, etc. But I thought it was fun for this post. You get it, right?)


the jenkins said...

Haha you're funny Lisa!! I always struggle with Christmas gifts, its hard. But I get rid of half the things they have before Christmas hits so its not horrible....because there is no stopping Grandma and Grandpa ;) Merry Christmas

Tonya said...

you are so cute. We don't do santa either! it amazes me how many believers do though!