Friday, September 10, 2010

First Midwife Meeting...

We finally met with a midwife here in Ventura, seeing as how we really want a midwife assisted home birth. Things went well, and I am so anxious to begin care with the amazing women at Sunrise Birth Center. I will concurrently be seeing Dr. Cole, who is covered on my insurance as part of the "back-up" emergency plan. Not necessarily super excited about that (although not because of Dr. Cole, we like him, and he delivered two of ours). Just not anxious to begin denying all those tests, and having them all hate me. =)
But at the close of our first meeting, Karni, the midwife decided to get out the doppler and let us hear the most beautiful sound... baby's heart, beating away. I felt so much joy, and awe, amazement, and wonder, I cried. It was so beautiful.
Evidently this baby really likes Nutella, which we just discovered yesterday. Salad, but that's normal. Not super into meat right now, although sometimes at the right occasion.
You would think that it would start to get old, being baby number five. On the contrary, I am filled with more awe and wonder at the creativity of our God each time. He amazes me over and over again.

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