Friday, April 02, 2010

Catching Up

Okay, I just might be the worst blogger ever!!! But, sometimes, you just don't have time to blog. Life is crazy, but wonderful. Let's see... in a nutshell.... we all got sick, then I threw out my back again, and after repeated visits to the chiropractor, I am back to functioning!! Thank you Jesus!! My Thursday Bible Study is finished for now, and I went to the women's retreat with my church. Experienced some pretty gnarly, yet amazing things in relation to prayer and spiritual warfare. Read a lot of books (which I will list here, and try to briefly summarize). School is going well, I had made lesson plans for the next month or so, and I am already behind. But, that's okay, we are plugging along. The kids began to learn Latin, which I know, makes people think we are crazy. But, it literally consists of them singing wonderfully silly songs, and they are enjoying themselves immeasurably. The goal of teaching them a dead language, (yes I do know it is dead...), is that since it is a root language, we want them to be able to learn any language, and we hope this may be a small help in that. But, it's really just great fun. =)

The reading list:
We finished: The Golden Goblet (historical fiction set in the time of Ancient Egypt). The whole family enjoyed it, and we had some great discussions as we came across many references to Egyptian gods, spirits, and the afterlife. (How is this different from what the Bible tells us is true?)

We are currently reading: Shadow Hawk (same time period, Ancient Egypt after the Hyksos Invasion). Very interesting...we are past the half way mark. It is a little more difficult of a read, but it picks up at about half way, and now we can't wait to hear the ending!!!

The Whipping Boy-a small reader book about a Prince (Prince Brat) who is never punished, but his punishment instead falls upon the whipping boy, a beggar boy who receives the whippings accumulated by the prince. (The kids could actually just read this on their own, in about 20 minutes, but we are taking it slow, and using it for prompting writing in their Story Journals)

I finished: Big God by Britt Merrick- sermon series on Hebrews, turned into a book. Really awesome. He gives practical ways to really live out a life a faith.

Don't Make Me Count to Three!! by Ginger Plowman-- a "mommy" book... following closely along the lines of "Shepherding a Child's Heart", but easy to read, and with many practical mommy examples.

When He is Come by A.W. Tozer-- (I borrowed this from my good friend Ruth). This is a really powerful little book about the Holy Spirit. The timing was perfect, and needless to say, this book had me from the title of the first chapter, "Don't Beg God for the Holy Spirit--Glorify Jesus Christ!!!

Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala-- I know, I'm a little late on this one. It's been out for a long time, and I am just now reading it! But, this is a really easy read, super awesome. I had to stop in the middle of reading it just to pray some more!!! A really moving account of the power of prayer, and our great need to connect with the living God through prayer.
"God will manifest himself in direct proportion to our passion for him."-pg. 153

The Prodigal God by Timothy Keller--Amazing insight into the parable of the "prodigal son" (although the author would much prefer the title, "the parable of the two lost sons.") Awesome. A must read, especially for those who have grown up in church. The gospel just screams out of this book.

Reading now:
Raising Children God's Way by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones-- He was a preacher back in the 60's-70's, and this is a collection of his sermons on Ephesians 6. So far, it's been great, I am a little more than halfway.

Scandalous by D.A. Carson--I have some other books in my reading line-up, but with it being the time of Easter, and all, I could not resist diving into this book since it is centered on the cross and resurrection of Jesus. So far, it has been really amazing.

And in other news... Ben will be coming up on a schedule change. The night shift/day shift, finally took its toll on the guy. So, he's going to day shift starting April 14th. Upon looking at the end of the month, we found that, since there's a men's retreat in April, Ben will either be working or gone to the retreat from the 14th until the end of the month. (He has to work one weekend every 7 weeks, and they started him out by working the weekend.) But, at least it will be shorter days. I won't lie, my heart was bummed when I actually saw that on the calendar, but I am praying and trusting God, because He is faithful, and He will work it all out. =)


Christine H. said...

Wow girlfriend, you haven't blogged much but I am way impressed with the books you've read! I have been bloggin a bit more recently after a long break. And, (read my blog) I just published my blog into a book!

Tonya said...

I agree that your book list is very impressive!

Anonymous said...

Learning Latin roots in High School has helped me with all language, especially with English in college and grad school. It made it so much easier to understand new words. You're doing an amazing job with ingraining that into their studies at such a young age!


sarahgrace said...

Sounds like you've been reading some really good stuff, and I'm impressed! I have to take it slow with the more academic/Biblical/self-help books, they just don't hold my attention quite that well. (Maybe I'm reading the wrong books! haha!)
The school that Drew goes to also teaches Latin- so I don't think you're crazy at all for teaching your kids. I imagine it will go a long way. :)
Hope you're able to get some good time in with your hubby this month, even if it's not on the weekends- I know how important that is. My hubby works on the weekends too (he plays guitar for our church which is quite the time commitment.) So we do our family time on Fridays and wherever we can squeeze it in during the week.
Good catch up!