Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ten Years!!

Tomorrow is our 10 year Anniversary. It's so hard to believe that ten years has gone by, and boy, has it gone quickly!! These were some of my favorite photos (I tried to limit the photos of just the kids). We have had many adventures these last ten years. I wrote along letter about it, but decided it would be just for my hubby. But, here's the short video of photos I made for him, I am not a pro at this, but just thought it would be nice to look back on some of these things. (hopefully, it will load for you, but it may take a while!!)
The song playing in the background played at our wedding.

In the last ten years, we have
And so much more...
I can honestly say that I love my husband more than I did ten years ago.
And I love Jesus more than I did ten years ago.
And I will say that again in ten more years, if He should give them to us.
Praise You, Jesus.

Oh Father... thank you so much for these last ten years with my husband. Thank you for how how much our marriage has taught me about You, and Your faithful love, Your never-stopping, never-giving up love. Teach me Lord, to be a good helper for Ben, more and more with every year you give us. May our marriage reflect You, and Your tender love for Your bride!!


Tonya said...

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful post brought tears to my eyes.

Christine H. said...

Oh wow, that blessed me so much! It is such an encouragement to see a couple stay together and grow more in love with each other. I was determined to not cry, but in the end I had to get a kleenix. Thanks for sharing that with us. Love you!!!!

sarahgrace said...

How sweet! What a great little slide-show. Congrats to you both on ten years! Looks like you've been together a lot longer. Kevin and I will be celebrating 10 years in March, and I've been marveling about going from 2 people to 6 in ten years. It's pretty amazing. And God is so Good! Congrats again.

Tonya said...

Hey Lisa! I gave you a blog award on my blog.