Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dear Baby

Ezra, tomorrow, you will be a year old. Everyone always tells you, "It goes by so fast!!" Even when you start to believe it, you just don't realize that a moment (or many moments) will come where your heart will ache in your chest, wishing you could slow it all down, or freeze time, just for a minute. You are growing up too fast. It seems like yesterday, when we were waiting in anticipation for you to come. And then you surprised us all, by coming here at home. Daddy tied off the cord with dental floss. And we marveled at God's grace and mercy as we held you. I remember when Daddy covered me with a blanket, and ran and got your brothers and your sister, and they all came in to see you for the first time. I remember that small gathering the night you came, of people who love you and had been waiting for your arrival. I was going through, wanting to post a bunch of pictures of you. I chose a few... but there are so many. You have grown so quickly, and every picture I looked at seems like just the other day. And now, I have been looking at pictures for too long and it is bedtime. I love you so much. You are such a joy and a treasure to our family. We have prayed for you, that you will belong to God's elect, that you will love Jesus fiercely, and with all your heart. We have prayed that you will be a Knight, and a warrior... and a servant for the kingdom of God.
We love you, Ezra Lucas Knight Hester.

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sarahgrace said...

Happy Birthday Ezra! You are definitely one blessed little man, God has placed you in a great family!