Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Please Pray for Daisy...

This is the five year old daughter of one of the pastors at Reality. Please pray!!


You can click the link for the basic info., but I will try to summarize here:
Daisy Love is five and has a tumor the size of a large orange. She will be having surgery on Thursday morning, and they are not sure how much they will be able to remove due to organ involvement. She will have to have chemotherapy either way.

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markg said...

I am a friend of Dena's and live in LA. She told me about Daisy's illness and I pray for her health and especially for an uncomplicatd surgery.
I downloaded and set her picture as the desktop wallpaper on my computer. I recommend others do the same as a reminder to offer up prayers each time we see it. God bless Daisy and her family.