Saturday, July 19, 2008

To the Crazy Pregnant Lady Running on the Bike Path in Pantyhose...

Oh wait, that was me.  Let me back track, and explain, and then I will get on to the star of my story.  So, about a month ago, we got up from watching a movie to put the kids to bed, and I couldn't walk or bear any weight on my left leg.  They ended up doing an ultrasound on my leg and found that I have a blood clot.  This is not DVT (or, a blood clot in a deep vein, which would probably mean hospitalization).  Luckily, it is a more superficial vein, so I just have to be careful not to stand too long, sit too long, and I have to wear compression pantyhose.  But, given the alternatives, I think I got it pretty good.
Anyway, so Emma has been practicing riding her bike without training wheels in our backyard.  There's not much room, so she rides one way, then has to stop, turn her bike around, and ride the other way.  She has been counting down the days until Daddy got off work so that we could do a real ride on the bike bath.  So, not knowing how it would go, Daddy and Emma went ahead, and Caleb was on his bike with his training wheels (he has been working on it too!), and I was with him pushing Noah in the jogger.  Well, Emma just took off.  She did a little over 2 miles, with Daddy RUNNING as fast as he could to keep up.  Caleb is already pretty fast, so I ran with him for, let's say 1/4 mile or so, before I had to stop and ask him to slow down.  I know that walking is really good for my leg, but with the running, I could feel all the pressure in my vein and I thought maybe slowing down would be a good idea.
Ben and I decided that we are going to have to invest or borrow a bike trailer because we are really past the point of trying to keep up with children on bikes!!
But the point is, Emma did her first bike path ride without training wheels.  And I know it is cliche and people tell you this all the time, but sure is going way too fast.  


Christine H. said...

Love the title! Love the story. Congrats, Emma!

sarahgrace said... does go fast, doesn't it?
Hope your leg gets better! (Just a side note in relation to that...did you notice your leg falling asleep a lot before you found out about the blood clot? )

Tonya said...

That is awesome. I took my second to ride without training wheel last summer while I was preggers! Hubby was hardly home and he really wanted to learn. We have a trailer for our bike and love it!

Rebecca said...

You poor, crazy pregnant lady! You didn't tell me you had a blood clot. Slow down, woman!

We've been doing the big-kid bike thing too. Strangely, it was Jonah who took off first, the first time he rode his new bike. Before that it was the girls' bikes with training wheels, whenever they would let him. So he's bypassing the training wheels altogether on his. The girls are just now starting to wobble along without them, but they're not quite as coordinated, or reckless. :)

frisky said...

That's funny... I think I'm known as the "lady on the bike path who picks her murph (is that how you spell it?) when she thinks no one is looking."