Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The L.A. Zoo

Thursday, my friend Heather and I decided to take the kids to the L.A. Zoo. We were not really sure if this was the smartest idea, but hey, we were in it together. So, she and her two hopped into the "Beast" with my me and my three. Off we went...There is a lot of construction going on there, and it is a very "hilly" terrain...especially with a 19 lb. baby in a front pack, and pushing a double jogger. Emma walked at first, while I pushed the boys, but Noah was just not happy with that situation. Once we rearranged, Noah slept while we saw alligators, kangaroos, sea lions, zebras, lions, giraffes, monkeys, and of course...the elephant. I'm pretty sure we only covered about half of the zoo, but we had to call it a success because we hadn't had any major meltdowns. Then we had lunch, and the kids got their lunch in an animal lunch box--Emma had a monkey and Caleb had a cheetah. They were SO excited to show Daddy their lunch boxes and tell all about their zoo trip, but they didn't get to see him until Saturday morning. To Ben's credit, he did an amazing daddy thing, and instead of sleeping in on Saturday morning, he got up with the kids and listened to their zoo adventure.
P.S. Emma's favorite animal was the flamingo, and Caleb's favorite was the elephant. A year pass for a family is pretty reasonable and includes guest passes.

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Rebecca said...

He's 19 pounds already???? How old is he now?! I guess I'm not going to see him as a newborn.